Scotland or Bust

Souls Across the Sea

Souls Across the Sea

If you are just finding our blog you may know a little about us or not at all. I invite you to have a look around and maybe find out a little more concerning our mission and also our mindset. First and foremost the gospel is our aim! We desire to spread this good news to the lost in East Kilbride Scotland.

Please make yourself at home and ask us any questions whatsoever

In Him

Richard Harp


~ by harphouse on October 6, 2009.

One Response to “Scotland or Bust”

  1. Great looking blog, guys! Unfortunately pretty much all blogs are blocked here (including y’all’s), so we have to do some “special things” in order to see it. For the same reason, we can’t get ours up with wordpress, which really stinks for us. I’m also glad to see you are taking full advantage of the freedom you have to blog about–something most people take for granted, and something we wish we could do here too! This next year is going to be great for you guys, a grand adventure! So hold on and enjoy the ride because pretty soon you’re gonna wake up in the green hills of Scotland! We love you guys! -K

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