We are continually amazed at how good God is. Just last week we weren’t sure if we would be able to meet our monthly budget, even after significant cuts – how quickly things change when God is on your side! This week alone we received word from two congregations that brought us 10% closer to our goal. Which means only a little further and we will be ready to move to Scotland!

We are starting to feel the reality of our decision to move. As our house in Selmer looks emptier, our excitement grows. Things are coming together like never before, and it looks like this once seemingly insurmountable task is nearing completion! So many people have made this possible, but everything points to our God, to whom everything belongs!

To sum up our feelings in one word, we are BLESSED.


~ by harphouse on March 25, 2010.

One Response to “Blessed”

  1. Hey M/R, We are looking forward to your arrival in the UK. Let’s make plans to see each other (via London or E.Kilbridge) this summer. We’ll be in London through August. We’d love to make another trip to Scotland, maybe we can do some hiking and discovering the countryside. See you very soon! Love Amy and Marty

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