We Are Here!

We are here! Two days later, it is still hard to believe. The picture above shows us just three days ago with our family before boarding the plane. Upon waking each morning, remembering we are in Scotland is a surreal experience. We wanted to give everyone an update of what has been happening the past couple of days.

Our travel experiences were promising. In Chicago, we had a wonderful conversation with an Irish couple who had been visiting the States. They were extremely kind and expressed interest in the work we are doing in Scotland. We also met a young man named Gordon, who overheard our conversation and said, “East Kilbride! I used to live a few minutes away from there!” Obviously, we had much to talk about and time to do so, since he was on our next two flights. Although he lives in the US and was just coming to Scotland for a visit, he was also interested in our work. He gave us his e-mail and we are hoping to continue correspondence with him. Please pray that something good may come from this contact. How wonderful it was to see the kindness of people from this part of the world before ever entering it!

We were not altogether surprised that after changing planes three times, our luggage was lost. However, we were surprised that no one questioned us at immigration when we arrived in Glasgow. They checked our visas when we changed planes in Dublin, but that was all. We expected that entering the country could involve some difficulties, and how thankful we were that we were allowed to walk right in!

Another surprise came at the airport. Unsure of who would be meeting us, we were expecting one or two people. Instead, there were six members of the church who greeted us with hugs and excitement!

Exhausted but happy, we arrived at the home of Jon Galloway, who is one of the ministers in East Kilbride. We spent the afternoon visiting before going to our first meeting with our brothers and sisters at EK. What an amazing feeling to arrive at the church building. The members covered us with love and made us feel like family right away. We excitedly chattered with them about our future plans and then had a wonderful Bible study period. After services, we were invited to fellowship at a member’s home. Although jet lagged, we played a game with them until past midnight.

Yesterday was an errands day. Jon took us out and helped us try to get some things set up. Our main goals were setting up a bank account and looking for a place to live. Apparently, you cannot get a bank account in Scotland without proof of residential address. And you cannot get an address without a bank account! So really, it is an endless circle. However, talking to the “right person” made a huge difference and she created a loophole for us. We should be able to open an account tomorrow. After visiting two real estate offices, we did not find many places for rent on the market. However, last night we found quite a few possibilities online which we will pursue. We are hoping to get settled as soon as possible so that we can begin our work!

Thanks to all who have been praying for us and supporting us!


~ by harphouse on June 25, 2010.

10 Responses to “We Are Here!”

  1. So glad you guys are safely there and starting to get settled already.
    I know the EK church family will continue to make you feel at home–they’re a great group of people.

    Did you happen to be playing Power Grid til past midnight? It’s quite possibly the most addicting game (and I know Jon and Iain Cameron love it) and, well, I might also be addicted.

  2. So happy that you have been greeted so warmly. I will pray that you are able to find a home soon. We love you so much and are just so proud of you!

  3. So glad you made it there safe and sound. It sounds like things are falling into place for you guys. Thanks for the update! 🙂

  4. This update made my day! Dad and I love you so much and hope things work out as quickly as possible for you. Did you ever get your luggage?

  5. We are thankful for your safe arrival. Praying for you and your work!

  6. So excited for you guys starting your work! Great reading the update! Love you both!

  7. Hey you guys! So glad you made it safely. Still praying for your luggage! Ha. I know you are excited and exhausted. Hope the residence shopping goes well. Sounds like you had a very warm welcome. We will continue to pray for the work in EK. Love you and so proud of the work you are doing. I know you both will touch many lives and you have here in Selmer. Hope to hear from you soon.

  8. Richard and Mary,

    So glad you are settling in and arrived safely. We continue to pray for you and the work. I am checking for you on Skype, will talk if I catch you online.

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