Meeting the Kids!

Our first meeting with the children of the youth outreach was a success (which is really an understatement)! We met Tuesday night in the building and as the children began pouring in, so did the blessings! They are wonderful little handfuls! And wouldn’t you know Mary and I had a blast with them the entire time. The kids decided what they wanted to do at the last meeting: a talent show. What a wonderful way to get to know these children by witnessing their talents and sense of humor! Mary and I also participated and gave the children an opportunity to get to know us as well.

After the show, we had pizza & ice cream, followed by karaoke! It was hilarious to hear some of the kids’ song choices (several of the guys sang Mariah Carey’s “Hero” in a very serious manner)! Before the kids left, I was able to share with them some of the future plans we have for the youth club and asked them for input on activities they would like to incorporate. We are excited about starting afresh in August. Also, some of the children will be attending bible camp (Camp Heatherbell) in July. This is the first time kids from the club have attended a long while, and they have probably never heard God’s Word spoken. So please pray that their hearts will be open during camp.

We were told that there were more children at the club this week than there has been in years! Over 30 kids attended, and with parents and workers we had approximately 50. I have already learned most of the boys’ names and they really seem to have taken to Mary (I wonder why?). The girls loved Mary as well and were very excited to hear about the addition of art to the club in August!

We were also thankful to meet some of the parents and hopefully develop relationships with them as well. There was a girl there who has been volunteering her time to assist with the children the past few weeks. Although she is just 17, she seems much older than her years in maturity. She is very caring and has a wonderful personality, and we are praying for opportunities to share the Gospel with her as well. I also connected with one of the older boys named David, who is 16 and will be attending bible camp for the first time this summer. He and I hit it off and he offered to come to the building to help with the gardening this summer! The club, as some of you know, is an after school program and school is now out for summer. Last Tuesday was the last club meeting till August. The children will still be coming to the building periodically throughout the summer to help in the garden as we prepare for our agricultural program.

We learned a little more about what to expect and what direction we need to go with the club. For several years, the members in East Kilbride have organized the club but have not been able to go and visit the families. Also, no bible teaching has yet been incorporated into the activities. These are the goals Mary and I have set for the fall, so please pray that doors of opportunity will be opened in these areas.

Please continue to pray for our efforts as our main goal for the time being is to help strengthen the brethren here.

God bless you all for your interest in spreading the borders of God’s Kingdom.

Note: This week, we just discovered that UK lawprohibits us from posting identifiable pictures and video of the children unless we receive written parental consent from all of the parents in the youth club. We had some wonderful videos, etc. that we were planning to post but unfortunately cannot at the moment. We are hoping to receive permission from the parents as we begin the club in August so you can have a better vision of the work we are doing in Scotland.


~ by harphouse on July 3, 2010.

7 Responses to “Meeting the Kids!”

  1. Glad the kids are excited for you to be there! That is a great programme and I’m sure God will bless it as an in-road to many homes.

    Get used to weird random laws about privacy there, btw. It’s odd how similar the US and UK are in standards of living but how divergent the laws can be on what seem to be minute things. (=

  2. Glad that you had such a great turn out. I hope that a lot of the kids will get to go to camp. I know that was my favorite thing about summertime. I’m sure you two are going to do amazing things over there with your love for God, kids and people. They are so blessed to have you there and soon they will realize that if they haven’t already. You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work! Give each other a hug from us! We love you!

  3. Tell the kids to teach you to fly fish and play the bag pipes. Looks like I am going to have to buy you a fly rod and send you a care package. I know you will do an outstanding work. It will also be the Master’s Chisel working on shaping you. God Bless; Kiwi Mike

  4. We are so thankful that you all had a great turn out. We are praying for you!

  5. Every word from Scotland is precious to us. Thanks so much for calling home today. God bless you and the work there.

  6. Wow, sounds like you had a great first meeting. I know you and the kids will grow so much from your experiences together. As always we are remembering you in prayer,

  7. Keep up the good work. We miss you but feel we are a tiny part of what is going on and that is a great blessing. God bless.

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