For Such a Time as THIS

We apologize to everyone for not updating our blog for a while. We have been moving in, getting settled, and starting full force with the work! Now that things are become more “routine” we should be able to update more frequently. Thanks to all who have been keeping in touch with us and encouraging us along the way.

So many things have happened since our last update, but we will just hit some of the high points here. The most important is that a consistent group of 5-6 teens have been coming to church and youth group activities regularly! This is largely due to the influence of Camp Heatherbell, the Christian camp that they were able to attend for the first time. (For more information about this, please read our “Thistle Epistle” Issue 8.) Ever since, they have been asking questions and coming to Bible classes. We are so excited to see God working in their lives already. We just arrived home from a youth rally with the kids this weekend and it was very uplifting for everyone. Please keep these children in your prayers!

Our days have been extremely busy, especially as the youth club started back last Tuesday from summer break. There were 35 children there on the first night! We also began the new art club on Thursday night, with 15 in attendance. We are planning to begin what we call “teen cafe” on Friday nights as well. This will be a bible study as well as a game night. We will be focusing on Christian evidences and also introducing basic biblical principles to our children! Needless to say we consider the words of Mordecai to Esther, “Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” (esther 4:14b) God has continually shown us that Scotland is a field white for the harvest! Please continue to pray for our efforts! May they be a continuation of the work of the Lord and not our endeavors alone!

In Him and for His Kingdom,

Richard and Mary


~ by harphouse on August 29, 2010.

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  1. Good to see another post to your blogspot!

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