Youth Weekends

Road Trip to Morley

We have had two youth weekends this month, which have been very successful! The first one was in Aberdeen (north Scotland) and the second one was in Morley, Leeds (north England). It is hard to believe that the distance between the two places is shorter than a one-way trip between Mary’s parents and mine. Being in Glasgow, we can make it to London in 6 hours by car.

Back to the weekends: Several of the kids from the youth club have been coming and loving it! We had to take our personal vehicle this time because the church mini bus has been loaned out. We had an outstanding time! The theme of the Morley weekend was very appropriate and dealt with dating, relationships and chastity before marriage. There was a panel for the young men (very productive) and a panel for the young ladies (I hear it was good, I obviously was not there).

Personally, I was renewed and pleasantly surprised to see such a large representation of youth in the Lord’s church in Great Britain (Ireland and Wales excluded). There is still much to be done in the Kingdom and we ask for your continued prayers that our efforts are not in vain! We are trying to organize our own youth weekend here in EK. This will encourage our young people who are just beginning to develop their Faith. Their questions keep coming, and so do the answers, which have continually strengthened Mary and myself!

As a result of this, I realize just how much I have taken for granted all my life. How many worship services, gospel meetings, and Christian university lectures did I allow to become almost commonplace? To me, Faith has largely been based on sight. The evidence was largely seen in my Christian brothers and sisters. The many faithful I have been privileged to be around, in turn, strengthened my own Faith. This is good; however, a balance must be found.

When I allow those around me to be my main source of Faith, my question must then be, “In whom have I trusted?” Faith in Christians is not Faith in Christ.

What am I talking about? When you receive the following question, “Why did God put the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden? Did He want Adam and Eve to fail?” Does finding the answer not strengthen your Faith in God? Yes, it does! This was asked by one the 14-year-old girls who has influenced us so much. The tough questions we are hearing have strengthened and stretched us more than ever. We in the Lord’s Church must not be afraid of questions because they will truly strengthen our Faith in God!  Once our Faith in God is established, we can then seek to gain encouragement from each other.

Mary and I came here to bring lost souls to Christ. The amazing discovery is that our souls are being brought closer to Him as a result!


~ by harphouse on September 22, 2010.

4 Responses to “Youth Weekends”

  1. I’m so happy for you and Mary. Seems like everything is going very well and God has blessed you and has seen you through so far. Just keep up the good work you are doing and he will continue to bless you! Love ya and miss ya’ll.

  2. It is amazing what good we received when we are helping others receive the good word of God! Thanks for being sure that the kids get the opportunity to grow in Christ!
    Love you, Dad and Mum

  3. glad to see things are going well so far. We will continue to pray for success in your work

  4. Hey Richard and Mary,
    This was a great post to read on your third month in Scottland. Looking at the photo, I thought you had turned over all the driving to Mary. However, on closer viewing, I see that the steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car. Must take some getting used to. Your message of faith in christians is not faith in Christ, sent a clear message home to all of us sheltered in the Bible Belt. Thanks for kindling the question of my own faith. I know that You and Mary are growing together responding to the questions that these young people are asking. The question of why God made the tree of knowledge of good and evil will help them understand why God gives us choices to believe and obey Him. God Bless the both of you.

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