4 Months Ago to the Day!

4 months ago to the day, Mary and I kissed our family goodbye and boarded a plane bound for Scotland. This was 5 years of planning that brought us to the threshold of the terminal and the plane door. What would happen in our future? Sometimes I feel like I did not step into a plane that day, but rather a roller coaster of ups and downs. The eldership of East Kilbride Church of Christ dissolved just two weeks before we arrived, and shortly after the initial confusion as to why this took place, one of those elders announced he would leave East Kilbride. This was a difficult pill to swallow for both ourselves and the congregation. There have been tears shed and questions left unanswered.

Now that the “downs” are out of the way, let me explain to you the “ups!” We have had an overwhelming response to our various programs in such a short time! We have mentioned many of them on this blog and in our Thistle Epistles. (If you would like our thistle epistle just send me a quick message via email harphouse@hotmail.com).

We have been experiencing a constant rise and interest in the youth club (Tuesday), art club (Thursday) as well as our Friday café (this is our devotional time). Mary had a one-on-one study last night with one of our girls. She is very serious about studying and she has encouraged us with her exceptional commitment to her growing Faith. Please continue to pray for this effort, specifically this young lady.

We have introduced a biblical focus at the end of the Tuesday youth club with devotional singing and a devotional thought. We have lost some children due to this; however, we expected this would happen. We still maintain the same amount of children because more have been coming. We have had 4 new children in the last week. Beginning in January, we have decided to begin the club with a proper bible class setting 30 minutes before the club. This way, the children have a choice to come to the bible class and it could not come across to them as an “afterthought.” We pray that we will reach more children this way.

Sure there have been “ups” and “downs” along the way, but that is just the nature of our roller-coaster. When I think back on that threshold between the terminal door and the door of the plane, there is no doubt in my mind that we did the right thing when we boarded 4 months ago to the day.


~ by harphouse on October 23, 2010.

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