Chick-fil-a, Kiwi, and the Old Truck

After a very busy month of youth events and trips, we are home on our support raising furlough! We left a very snowy Scotland and arrived on U.S. soil Wednesday. Jet lag is a factor, but we are getting over it very well. A busy schedule lies ahead of us with many congregations to attend. Our first meal had to be none other than Chick-fil-a with a tall glass of COLD sweet Tea! The things we take for granted aye?

We have so loved being home with our family!! Not to come in second to Chick-fil-a; we have our priorities right, I assure you! We have spent quality time with our puppy Kiwi, who watered the living room floor for us as we crossed the threshold! Couldn’t blame her excitement. I drove my old truck (now dad’s) yesterday and was very comfortable driving on the left side of the road for some strange reason (I’m ruined haha)!

Even though it is great to be back into our “old” way of life, we already miss our new church family in Scotland. We are so thankful for our closeness to them and for all they have done for us. It was hard to leave the teens who are just beginning their studies of the Bible, and especially hard to leave Kalina, our brand new sister in Christ. But we are excited to see their progress in a month’s time, since we know the Christians there will be helping them and studying with them while we are away. What a blessing to have Christian family all over the world, like many of you who are reading this post. Thank you for your support and love!



~ by harphouse on December 4, 2010.

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