Back Home to a Fresh Start

Samantha and her beloved candy corn!

It is great to be back home in East Kilbride to our second family! Although still jet-lagged, we have started our activities in full force. Last night was the first night back for the youth club, and what a night it was! The kids were so excited to be back, and they loved the American candy we brought them. I (Mary) have started something new for the year with the young ladies. I had them fill out a “Bio Sheet” to explain more about themselves, submit ideas for activities, and also to gauge their level of interest in spiritual things. All the girls said YES to “I want to learn more about God,” with a couple maybes. I was so encouraged by their response! Richard is doing the same thing with the boys. Our plan is to start a 15-20 minute bible time before the club meetings each Tuesday for those children who are interested. Please pray that this endeavour is successful! This morning the youth club staff had a planning meeting, which was very successful. Our theme with the kids for 2011 is “The Golden Rule.” We are excited about this and many other new ideas!


~ by harphouse on January 12, 2011.

One Response to “Back Home to a Fresh Start”

  1. Glad you are back in EK safely. We were thrilled that we could work out a visit for you when you were here in the States. We send love to all the folks in Scotland. Let them know of our prayers.

    In Christ Alone,

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