A New Sister and Brother!

We are so happy that two more have made the decision to be part of God’s family!

Jordan (15) is a wonderful young man who has been attending the congregation at East Kilbride his whole life. He has been asking questions about becoming a Christian for quite some time, and his parents along with several in the congregation have discussed this decision with him. It was so uplifting to watch Jordan being baptized by his father, Kenny, on June 5. We rejoice in this wonderful new beginning and pray for Jordan as he begins his walk!

Peggy (75) has been attending services at East Kilbride for the past year with her friends Louise, Mary, and Pat. She began by coming to Ladies’ class and then started attending worship. She wanted to learn more about God’s plan (having come from a Catholic background), and we were honored to have the opportunity to study with Peggy. It was so encouraging looking at the simplicity of God’s Word and hearing her state that she did not want to make this decision for anyone else but herself. What a delight when she decided on June 19 that she wanted to be baptized! Please pray for Peggy as well as she begins her Christian life.


~ by harphouse on June 28, 2011.

3 Responses to “A New Sister and Brother!”

  1. Dear Richard & Mary,
    After such a long time I made contact with your father again. It was because a cryptic email arrived form him that looked somewhat suspicious so; digging back in my old email folders where our past mails are kept, sent him a query about the one just received. Yes, it was a attcking virus one so deleted it. We exchanged news catch-up and Dad told me about your work in Scotland. Well done. Keep up the good work. Congratulations on your pending parenthood. Love your dog’s name “Kiwi”. Morningside C of C is where I worship these days. Wonderful. Best wishes, Rob Hood, North Shore, Auckland, NZL.

    • Well it has sure been a long time and you know I still have my Barcelona bracelet! And the swimming pins you gave me. You never know what kind of an impact you can make on young people when you stop and remember them. You definitely did for me. We love being here in Scotland let me tell you! We are trying to do the same for young people here. It is great to hear you are at Morningside! I would love to visit North Shore again! Mary has never been on NZ soil and with our little Kiwi/American/Scot arriving we will need to make a trip soon. Wonderful hearing from you Rob. God bless you

  2. Hey richard its edwin just saying that i am so happy that we have new sisters and brothers in our christian family.:):):):):) thx.

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