A Look at Our Mission

5 year plan 2010 (click here)

Scotland Mission Informative Booklet (click here)

The church of Christ in East Kilbride has invited us to come and lead a youth outreach program called the EK Youth Club. In this ministry, we will work with young people in the community who have either not heard the gospel, or have misunderstandings of what it means. Our mission has several goals:

  • To build relationships with young people and their families in the community through the Youth Club.
  • To help these children physically providing valuable skills and tools they will need for their self betterment.
  • To teach these young people about God and His Son through various activities that they enjoy.
  • To evangelize youth and their families, showing Christ and teaching the truth through Bible study.

Richard will be an associate minister with an emphasis on youth. He will spend much time helping the congregation, as well as preaching and teaching. As the Director of the Youth Club, Richard hopes to use his green thumb to begin an agricultural program. This will allow the children to see God at work in nature, beginning to break down the barrier of atheism so ingrained in their previous learning.

Not only is the structured plan important, but also day to day interactions with strangers will be vital to this work. The idea of “friendship missions” is what Richard and Mary will use to make a difference by showing that difference. This seems like an obvious component, but the general interaction made with strangers is not based upon “one nation under God.” The nation that pledges this allegiance does not always “show” its adherence in the same stranger to stranger relations. Wherever one’s home is, living one’s Faith is vital to the success of spreading the love of Christ. It is this love that one shows to all people that makes it possible for them to comprehend the consequences of choosing a wider path rather than the narrow way.

Mary will assist Richard in various tasks as well as specializing in starting an art program with the youth. Through art lessons we will be able to begin the process of teaching biblical concepts and morals to these children.

This is a very brief summary of our work. Please take the time to look at our informative booklet, which is located at the top of the page.


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