Youth Club

  • The mission strategy of the club is relationship-based. The church in EK has discovered that in their society, door-knocking and tracts are not very effective. Effective evangelism in Scotland, just as anywhere else, requires a basis of friendship and trust in order for someone listen to the Gospel. This strategy is organized and carried out very well through the youth club.
  • After a child comes to the club, we will visit their parents and family, informing them that we are there to help their children and to help them as well. This often leads to a family coming to church and having a Bible study. People will see you caring for the well-being of their children. This is going to impact them in some way opening the door (quite literally) causing a willing ear to listen. In fact, one of the elders at East Kilbride (Adam Barr Sr.) became a Christian because of his son’s involvement in the youth club. Both He, his wife and youngest son were converted by this boy. Adam Barr Jr. is now a gospel missionary and runs the youth club in Cumbernauld that Richard was a part of in 2005. If it were not for that small boy, Richard would not be where he is today and quite possibly would not be seeking this work.

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