Camp Heatherbell

The children in the youth club are able to participate each summer in a Christian youth camp called camp Heatherbell. It is focused on outreach and structured around these children. Throughout the year the children understand that if they exhibit good behavior, they can go to camp. Only those who truly want to be there are there.

The camp begins on Sunday and the majority of the children experience worship for the first time. They want to know why we “drink grape juice” and “eat crackers.” They don’t know the songs “Amazing Grace” and “Our God, He is Alive,” but by the end of the week they are singing along. The growth that is seen in just one week is enough to shock their parents when they come home. This is a great mission strategy because it introduces God into  homes that do not know Him.


2 Responses to “Camp Heatherbell”

  1. Richard – I am the youth deacon at the Florence Blvd Church of CHrist. Unfortunately I was out of town when you made your visit. It was received well and we appreciate your work. Josh and I are finishing summer plans for our young people here. I personally would like some information on Camp Heatherbell as I not only work with our youth, but am also a father of 3, and serve on the mission committee. All good reasons to stay informed of camp Heatherbell as well as learn as much as possible about it. Thanks for what you do!

  2. Hey Richard it’s Edwin, I think you need to update your homepage. (Kiddin on) Can’t wait for Camp

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