To Get Involved

How can you help?

1. Please pray for us! This is what we need more than anything else. Some things to pray for:

  • Our spiritual and physical health
  • That the souls we meet in Scotland will be ripe for harvest
  • That God will bless our fundraising efforts
  • The congregations and individuals who are supporting this work
  • Our families as they make this transition with us

2. If you know of a congregation that would be interested, please send them our way. Just post a congregation. We have a packet of information we can either e-mail or snail mail.

3. If you would like to partner with us, please make checks payable to Fourth Street Church of Christ with “Harp Missions” in the memo line.

Fourth Street Church of Christ

142 N. Fourth St.

Selmer, TN 38375

You can reach us:

  • on this blog
  • facebook

One Response to “To Get Involved”

  1. Richard & Mary, it was good to see hear and see you this past Sunday. Congratulations on your new little Harp! Ted Kitchens

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